Welcome to the 6th edition of “Notes” on Montreal Canadiens prospects in their respective leagues. Below are general notes and total statistics for the end of the season on Habs prospects playing in the NCAA.


LW Jack Gorniak is a quick speedy forward with a high stamina level. His long-running motor and ability to keep his feet moving coupled with an active stick make him a great forechecker. He does well both on the forecheck and defensively to disrupt plays with that active stick. A solid defensive player that has some decent hands and offensive instincts. Gorniak has good puck protection skills and can efficiently keep possession while fending off defenders at high speeds. Gorniak’s release is average at best but can sometimes fool goaltenders with his sneaky release. Jack Gorniak player profile page.

2018-2019 Regular Season Statistics

37 4 11 15 16 -8



LD Jordan Harris is a smart smooth skating two-way defenceman that isn’t afraid to carry the puck end to end. He’s always active jumping into the rush or pinching in from the point to create another outlet or lane for his teammates. Harris uses his quickness and agility to close gaps or force the offensive player in low scoring chance positions. He’s extremely effective at exiting the zone via the first pass or using his excellent acceleration to hit center ice. Harris’ footwork is top-notch, his edges are crisp as he can effortlessly turn on a dime and explode up ice. He shows some good vision and reads the play really well both offensively and defensively. He often doesn’t make high-risk blueline to blueline passes but when he does it’s tape to tape. Defensively Harris is extremely efficient, great ability to read and anticipate the opponent’s next move while keeping his head on a swivel. His stick work is excellent, whether it be a quick stick lift, breaking cross-seam passes or simply positioning his stick to direct the player to the perimeter. Harris doesn’t have a heavy or dangerous release but he is a plus player at finding the lane through traffic. Jordan Harris player profile page.

2018-2019 Regular Season Statistics

39 1 12 13 8 21



C Ryan Poehling is an explosive two-way pivot who understands the game at an elite level. Poehling has a powerful explosive skating stride through his first couple of steps and above-average speed. Poehling utilizes his cross overs to generate power and speed aided by his great skating mechanics. His puck protection skills are one of his better assets as he is able to stickhandle and keep control along the boards or in open ice. Poehling’s overall work down low below the goal line offensively or defensively is creative and efficient. His playmaking and vision in the offensive zone are excellent as he can thread the needle through traffic for a back door play especially on the man advantage. He prefers to use a quick snapshot but can also fire off a full-fledge wrist shot with great accuracy and good velocity. Ryan Poehling player profile page.

2018-2019 Regular Season Statistics

36 8 23 31 34 12



G Cayden Primeau is a technically sound goalkeeper that possesses an elite ability to read the game. Specifically, his hockey IQ and vision are two of his better assets that he blends in with his athleticism. Primeau boasts great athletic qualities that attribute to his ability to quickly recover and move laterally with ease. Positionally he is always square to the shooter cutting down the angles and making himself look big in the crease even when in the butterfly position. Primeau has a good glove/blocker hand usually has his glove in an excellent position to limit shoulder/arm movement. His rebound control is timed and executed well and has the presence to swallow up loose pucks. His puck handling abilities are average but his decision making overall is excellent. Primeau is a hybrid goalie that is poised, calm and fluid in the crease. Cayden Primeau player profile page.

2018-2019 Regular Season Statistics

36 25 10 1 2.09 .933



C/RW Brett Stapley is a tricky player that can be really shifty when handling the puck in the offensive zone. His puck handling skills are above average and has flashed some high-end skill. He has the ability to slow the pace, draw defenders and then quickly shift gears to get by the defenceman. His playmaking skills are very good, a solid passer who finds players in opportune positions. Stapley has that ability to read off his teammates and see the ice using his above-average vision. Overall his skating is not spectacular, his straight-line speed is just about average at best but he uses his agility to his advantage. His edgework and cross overs are very solid and prefers to go east-west rather than north-south. His shot is slightly below average as he’s proved to show good accuracy but his velocity and mechanics lag behind. Brett Stapley player profile page.

2018-2019 Regular Season Statistics

32 5 14 19 35 9



The next edition of “Notes” will be focused on Habs prospects from the CHL set to release next week.

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